Frequently asked questions

Why should I take a traffic school course?

Taking a course like our online Colorado traffic school protects your driving record by masking violations, which in turn can help prevent insurance increases. In fact, some insurers offer discounts to drivers who've completed a Colorado traffic school course. A court may order you to attend a traffic school course, or you can opt to take it on your own.

How long is this course?

This course takes approximately eight hours. Some finish in one day, while others choose to complete the course as their schedule allows. The choice is yours.

Remember, if you opt for a traditional in-person traffic school, six to eight hours of classroom time are typically required. With our course, you make your own schedule and learn when you want.

How often can I take this course?

The state of Colorado allows you to take this course as many times as you like or as ordered by the court.

Can I get an insurance discount if I take your Colorado Online Traffic School course?

Perhaps. Many insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who have completed a traffic school course such as ours. Check with yours to learn their policy.

Will this course prevent my violation from appearing on my driving record?

Yes. Taking our Colorado Online Traffic School course generally prevents a current moving violation from appearing on your official motor vehicle record. It also satisfies any court-ordered needs.

What if my deadline for traffic school completion has passed?

Contact your court for instructions regarding extension of your due date. Colorado Online Traffic School cannot extend your due date.

How do I sign up and start this course?

It's easy. Click here and get started today. Complete your registration online in less than five minutes. Our U.S.-based customer support team is available to help with any questions.

How can I get help?

Contact us 24/7 via Live Chat and email. You can also call our U.S.-based customer support team for questions and help with anything.

Can I use someone else's computer or Internet service?

Sure! Take our course anywhere you have internet access, on your choice of devices — computer, mobile, or tablet. It doesn't even need to be your own. Work from home, your office, a library, a coffeeshop, or anywhere you like. You can even start on one device and finish on another.

Do I have to complete this course in one sitting?

No, unless you want to. Our Colorado Online Traffic School course is designed to let users make their own learning schedules. Some finish in one day, while others prefer to take more time. The course automatically saves your place.

I've already enrolled. How do I get back into the course?

If you've already enrolled, you have a username and password. Click here to login.

What happens if I fail the final? Can I take it again?

Yes. You may take the final as many times as you need to pass — no extra fees!