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Welcome to The Colorado Online Traffic School. Following your online or telephone registration, you simply study the course materials on your home computer and then answer the quiz questions. There is no need to attend boring classes, listen to long lectures, watch repetitive videos, or wait for anything to arrive in the mail. There are NO computer or download requirements at all. Our course is designed for those both NEW and EXPERIENCED on the INTERNET. If you can get to a website, you can do our course. Study at your leisure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Live Phone Personnel Available
24 hours a day/7 days a week

Once you finish our program, our offices will forward your original completion certificate to you or the court. A confirmation on screen will also be available for you to print out. Enroll now and enjoy the convenience of traffic school at home!

The test questions contained within this program are compiled directly from text in the curriculum. A passing grade should not be difficult to attain, assuming you read the information. Remember, it is an OPEN book test. It is almost impossible to fail. However, in the case of failure, you are allowed a second and third attempt to pass at no additional charge.

No Time Requirement-Work At Your Own Pace

  • We Deliver The Certificate Directly To You
  • No Credit Card Needed To Start - Pay By Check or Money Order!
  • Do The Course In Sections-Go On And Off Line Many Times
  • Easy Multiple Choice Questions
  • Retake For Free If You Fail
  • Real Phone Personnel Available For Registration Or Questions
  • Completion Certificate Included--No Extra Charge
  • Secure Website And Credit Card Transactions
  • Voicemail Availability For Emergencies
  • Bonded And Insured
  • All Student Information Confidential
  • New To The Internet? FREE Phone And Email Support!
  • Great For Students, Seniors And Internet Novices
  • No Hidden Fees

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