How Colorado Online Traffic School works

We make our Colorado traffic school course as painless as possible. Take care of your ticket the easy way — just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Register and begin

Use our simple online form to register, then start as soon as you want. Don't worry if you don't have all your ticket information handy — you can add it later at any time.

Step 2: Complete the course

Our online course lets you learn at your pace. Complete in one day or take your time.

Step 3: Provide the court your Certificate of Completion

For Lakewood and Windsor municipal counties, we automatically report your course completion to the court. In all other cases, you'll need to provide your free completion certificate to the court yourself — it's available instantly once you've passed.

For violations in Lakewood County: If you're reporting to the Lakewood Court, you must take our Lakewood-specific course. Simply select "Lakewood Court Online Traffic School" when you register. For all other counties, select the main course, "Colorado Online Traffic School."

All Lakewood final exams must be taken at a test site and are proctored by an instructor. Once you complete the content section of the course, click Begin the Exam to be taken to a zip code-generated list of available test site locations to choose from so you'll know exactly where to go when ready.

For violations in Denver County: If you're reporting to the Denver County Court, our course will not be accepted. Contact the court directly for more details on the specific course requirements for your needs.

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